1. I haven’t received my book.
The booklet is being shipped directly from the United States. It can take up to 10 working days (domestic) and 21 working days (international) for the booklet to be delivered.
Should you not receive your booklet after 21 working days, contact our support team here in order to investigate the shipment of your booklet.
2. How can I track the delivery of my book?
You can check the latest status of your book shipment here: UPS Tracking Site.

Your tracking number can be found in a shipment notification email sent to you earlier.
3. My recipient details have been entered wrongly, what should I do?
We will certainly make sure you get your booklet! To update your recipient details, send us your proof of payment and updated recipient details within 24 hours of your purchase here.
4. I need an invoice for my purchase.
We only generate receipt for any Platform Closing purchases. Click here to obtain your receipt. 
5. Where can I find the upgrades which I have purchased?
Your upgrades and bonuses have been prepared for you on Platform Closing Member’s Area. Create a new account or log in onto your existing member’s account here: Platform Closing Member’s Area.
Please make sure to sign up for a member’s account with the same email address which you’ve used to claim Platform Closing book.
Need further support? Click here.
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